Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Andrea is back

My long silence might make you think that I decided to stay in Oceania: well, I was tempted, but eventually I had to come back.

The fact is that last months have been quite interesting for me.
New life as a married man, new house, new job.
Days are very busy, time flies and I always felt too tired to drop some lines to my blog.

But yesterday something happened: almost by accident (just for testing purposes) I put on my new PS3 the DVD of the good old times in Finland, and suddenly a very important piece of my life furiously appeared: hundreds of faces, stories, landscapes invaded my mind. Finally I had some minutes to stop and think, and I realized how many things happened lately, and how far I'm feeling those days, while it's actually just 1.5 years.

Friends, I'm missing you. Kuutamokatu I'm missing you. Itamerenkatu I'm missing you.

Don't worry: I'm not regretting anything, but on the other side I cannot hide that there is always some nostalgia when I think to my days in Finland.

That's why I decided to win my laziness and get back to my blog: I'm sure it will be a good way to feel still "connected".

Welcome back Andrea.


Blogger Mardy said...

Esque tu retornara in Finlandia pro visitar tu amicos?
Alora, nos poterea parlar in interlingua pro tote le die ;-)

8:25 AM  
Blogger stezz said...

> Friends, I'm missing you. Kuutamokatu I'm missing you. Itamerenkatu I'm missing you

What about Sodexho? :D

7:44 PM  
Blogger Simoniito said...

Stezz, sai che sei un gran bastardo? :) Potevi scrivere Andrea we miss you invece...

Interessante invece il dettaglio PS3: FIFA 2009 ce l'hai?

Andrea, un bel post davvero, mi e' piaciuto

8:52 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Retornara, retornara, nun te preoccupa'
Ora che ce pienso l'interlingua somiglia un po' al romano... And I'm not missing Sodexho, no way. FIFA 2009 certo che ce l'ho: Roma-Juve 4-1...

9:18 PM  

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