Sunday, July 29, 2007

Al Passito Prossimo

In the weekend I did some more video editing, working on the videos I shot during my first trip to the States. After almost one year the magnificient performance of Alessandro is finally available to receive credits from all over the world:

Nel weekend ho fatto un altro po' di video editing con Kino, e mi sono dedicato a montare le immagini del mio primo viaggio negli Stati Uniti. Dopo quasi un anno la sontuosa performance del mio amico Alessandro รจ finalmente disponibile per ricevere degno riconoscimento.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Better than in the canteen

Today I visited Alcatraz.
At one point we reached the dining room and the menu of the last lunch in the prison was still there.
I really envied them.

San Francisco

Posting from the other side of the world with my N800.
I came to San Francisco for business, and then I spent a couple of days as a tourist.
The city is wonderful: many things to see and great genuine original italian food in North Beach. Yesterday I went on the Golden Gate bridge: it was a great experience, but I got a bit confused with feet and miles and eveentually I had to walk 4 kilometers extra...